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The DragonLine - Art and Code in A Cromulent Mix

Yes. I finally did it. I updated my LinkedIn profile. To all of those people who have tried to contact me via LinkedIn, my apologies. I don't like social media in general, and I especially don't like LinkedIn. Just google 'LinkedIn [insert pejorative comment here]' and watch the fireworks. Why now? I'm updating my Internets (about time) and unfortunately, like a lot of things, LinkedIn is a Hobson's choice - you can choose to have a ready-made network of professionals or you can choose not to (and labor mightily to build one). So I have to hold my nose and do it, but it will very likely be the only update for some time (if ever). Contact me via mpeters-at-thedragonline-dot-com or mpeters-at-pterylae-dot-com if you want to engage.

Added an image gallery of my jaunts through Paris.(See Travels)